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Sunday, March 21, 1999

It was already warm at 9:00 this morning, and another beautiful cloudless day so I decided to walk down to 4th Avenue and have some coffee while watching the people at the fair. It was already crowded at 10:00, when I arrived. Everyone had the idea to get down there early before it started getting too hot. I did get some coffee and said hi to a lady I work with who is also selling foodstuffs there. I had brought my own cinnamon rolls (containing wheat germ, soy flour and whole wheat, so I won't feel so guilty) to eat with my coffee and had a lovely rest in the shade while watching the people go by.

Soon I was sucked into checking everything out, thought, as yesterday it had been hot by the time we got there and we just whipped through. This time I checked them all out. I only bought one pair of earrings and a hat, which I needed, (the hat, not the earrings). I promised myself I wouldn't buy any cute little knick knacks, of which there were plenty.

They have the fair twice a year and its been going on for about fourteen years (?). They have the regular booths and entertainers and then come all the people who don't really enter but just set up along the way. There were a couple kids playing violins and the usual fortune tellers, face painters, hair braiders and massagers.

Then there's the food. All the usual fair food, though I've noticed that there is a lot more vegetarian stuff now. In fact, I got a falafel for lunch, even though I'm not a vegetarian. I also love the roasted corn and the gyros and the spiral fries and the indian fry bread. For those who aren't from around the southwest, fry bread is basically like flour tortillas fried in hot fat, which puffs them up. Then you sprinkle on cinnamon and sugar and all the yummy stuff. Just decadent.

It was nearly 1:00 by the time I checked out all the booths and stuffed myself and just did some people watching, so I continued south on 4th Avenue and went through the underpass into downtown and went to the library to read magazines. I am trying the control my magazine addiction by reading magazines at the library instead of buying them. It's not a total success but it is helping.

After a couple hours at the library I took the bus to Booksmans which is this huge second hand book store to look around, and then back home. A very relaxed day as I didn't have an agenda in mind and never felt like I had a schedule to keep.

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