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Tuesday, March 16, 1999

I'm having a much better day today. This also has several reasons. The day started out cool and I had a lovely brisk walk to work. It's about three miles and takes me between 45 minutes to one hour, depending on how fast I walk. It was in the high 40s so I just needed a nice sweater.

The weather developed nicely. By midmorning, when I went out to get a bagel, it was still lovely and cool and very cloudy. Throught the rest of the day we watched the clouds move down the Catalinas and soon we had rain. We haven't had significant rain since early last fall. This wasn't a very heavy rain but it wet everything down and left that great rain smell in the air. When I waited to catch the bus in the afternoon, it was so nice to be a bit chilly with just a sweater and walk around the puddles (well, I walked through a couple of shallow ones). I turned off my fans at home and just enjoyed the coolness.

The weather energized me so that I've spent most of the evening cleaning out my closet, which was a badly needed job. I can be a real packrat if I'm not very firm with myself. I still have too much stuff, but it's going down. If I really think about something I usually don't buy it, but I get in these moods sometimes where I just am sure that I have to have something and if I go with it I usually realize a day later that I really neither need or want it that much. It's just getting through that first mood.

I'm not a shopaholic as I have never had the money, and I don't care for shopping that much, but once in a while. . Then there are all the things that are good purchases but I just don't use them anymore for whatever reason. I have this large electric wok that is wonderful to cook on, but I don't have room in my kitchen for it, so it sits on the shelf in my closet and never seems to get used. I hate to get rid of it as, if I move, and I do move fairly often, I may have a place where I can use it.

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