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Sunday, March 14, 1999

I woke up this morning before the sun was up. This sky was just a beautiful clear blue with a bit of pink at the edges. It was cold but there was no wind so I put on my sweats and was fine. There is nothing better than waking up in a campground. I enjoy drinking that first cup of coffee while watching the sun coming up. After breakfast I pack up and put everything back in the car. I love camping, I hate the hassle of packing and unpacking all the stuff.

I drove back through Ajo past a huge copper mine and up to Gila Bend where I headed back to Tucson on I-8. This is a nice interstate to drive as it never gets as much traffic as I-10 and on a Sunday morning is true pleasure to drive. I enjoy watching the hills and plains flow past. I think there is so much to see in the desert and enjoy driving through it. It's just that there is so much of it. Before I reach Tucson, my knee is bothering me from being on the gas pedal. My leg isn't used to that anymore. Even when I had a car, if I drove all day it would start to hurt.

It has been a lovely weekend but I'm glad to be back home. I run some errands and then log on the check on email and post these journal entries. DC doesn't seem to be too put out since I was only gone one night and even rubs around my legs instead of ignoring me. I lug all the stuff into the apartment. Oh, why do I have a second floor apartment?

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