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Friday, March 12, 1999

I forgot how much stuff I always seem to take when camping. But to start at the beginning. I've been thinking about going on a volkswalk tomorrow but it's in Sahuarita and that is just a bit far when you don't have a car. I decided that I would rent a car for the weekend and go somewhere to camp. I haven't been to Organ Pipe National Mounument so that was the place I decided to go to.

I had a great time this afternoon buying all that heavy stuff that is such a pain bringing home on my bike. All the cat litter and bleach and laundry soap. Big bulky stuff like multi bundles of toilet paper and paper towels. I also ran by the AAA to get a campbook for when Lisa and Joel visit.

Well, then I started packing for camping. There's the tent and it is not a backpack tent but a large coleman dome tent and I dislike getting dressed while laying on my back. There's the foam pad and the sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is an old cotton and flannel one that weights quite a bit and is bulky. It's also very faded, but still good. I'm also taking another couple blankets as it will be in the low 40s at night and I hate being cold. Then, of course, a couple pillows.

Ok, then we come to cooking and food. I have a tiny alcohol stove but the alchohol takes a bit of room and there's the dishes and food. I prefer things that come in a can or something that you just add hot water to, but even that takes room. Then there's the atlas, actually two atlases and a couple maps. I love maps. There are a few books and magazines so I won't get bored, as if.

Well, there's still clothes and toiletries. I like to be prepared. I also like to be either warm or cool, whatever is necessary, and since the temps here can go from 40 degrees in the morning to 80 degrees in the afternoon, I want to be prepared. I'm not into this roughing it stuff. I enjoy camping because I love watching the stars at night and waking up to my first cup of coffee outside in the dawn. I also had to do laundry so that I would have something to take.

I am looking forward to camping. It's been a long time. I just hope there's a place open when I get there. I'll go to the volkswalk about 8:30 am and that will take 2-3 hours, and then it's 3 hours to Organ Pipe. According the the email I got from them they usually still have something open at 3:00 pm so I'm hoping. If not, I'll just have to drive back to Tucson and just do a daytrip on Sunday. Still the drive will be nice. Well I'd better get the clothes folded, wash dishes, take a shower and finish packing so I can head out of here at 7:30 tomorrow morning.

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