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Thursday, March 11, 1999

Another story on CNN is that some legislature in California is all hot to trot because people now have to pay for air and water at gas stations. Of course they do, only they aren't paying for the air but for the equipment, compression, space and all that. With the water they are paying for the equipment and the water. You know water isn't free, don't you.

Another thing that people are upset about is that the air and water has been moved away from the gas pump. Good. I can remember waiting impatiently as someone filled their car, checked their water, checked all their tires, cleaned out the fast food detrius on the floor or their car, waited while the kid got back from the bathroom and then waited again while the spouse runs in quickly (5 minutes) to get a coke.

Now that I no longer have a car I appreciate having the air away from the gas pumps so I don't get run over when I am airing up my bicycle tires.

Free stuff at the gas stations went out with cute little uniforms for the gas jockeys (remember them in their little outfits with a little hat?) and them checking your air and water themselves. This is one reason why we have some of the cheapest gas in the world.

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