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Wednesday, March 10, 1999

I heard Laura Schlesinger, on her radio show today, say that children who cried when their parents came to pick them up at the daycare did not have a good homelife. Garbage! They cry because they don't want to leave their friends and all the toys at the daycare. This shows that they are not afraid to enter the world and make friends.

My children cried sometimes when I picked them up. It was either for the above reason, they did not want to quit playing with their friends, or they had just had a bad day and knew that Mom was a soft touch (unless I had also had a bad day), or they weren't feeling good. There was also the fact that most daycares had a television and we didn't at that time.

I am very upset that she would lay more guilt on parents who are doing their best to raise their kids as best they can, and it usually is pretty damn good. Parents have enough problems with everyone giving them conflicting advice including the government telling them they are too stupid to raise their own kids, and now "I'm my kid's mommie" Schlesinger is laying another unfounded lie on them. Well I'm my kids' mommie also only this mommie had to work and the kids still turned out very good.

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