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Monday, January 20, 2003

Martin Luther King Day

I bought a twin bed blow up mattress so I would have something to sleep on when I first moved. I almost got a queen size but I want to use it here since I know I'll soon have so many boxes stacked around that I won't be able to get the bed down, and there's always a place for an extra sleeping place. I felt lazy so I bought the coleman electric pump. It's so slow! I could blow it up myself faster than that but, of course, I'd be very tired. I thought it would never blow up and the whining noise is very annoying but at least I won't have to blow till my cheeks hurt.

I also finished reading "The Marx Sisters" by Barry Maitland. The british police, Detective Kathy Kolla and Chief Inspector David Brock sort through the clues when a great-granddaughter of Karl Marx dies. The idea that it was a suicide does not seem to hold up and so they are deep in the eccentric residents of Jerusalem Lane and delving into the plans a development company, that is supremely uninterested in eccentrics or history, has for Jerusalem Lane. It's a very good book and the characters are well drawn though the premise seems a bit far fetched but then most mysteries have rather far fetched premises but I still enjoy reading them.

I also read "Q is for Quarry" by Sue Grafton. I'd been a bit burnt out on Grafton so I missed a few letters but this one was very enjoyable. Kinsey Millone is asked to help out a couple retired policemen who would like to solve an old case before they die. Soon she is wandering around the mohave desert with with one detective who is going in and out of the hospital because of cancer and the other has a heart attack. I enjoyed the mystery and I especially enjoyed the fast food marathon she embarks on. Make my mouth water and my cholesterol go up.

I had class tonight but when I got there, ten minutes late, there were only two other students. This was the first day of class so the teacher said we could go home as he would just have to go over everything again tomorrow. So cool. I took the bus home and left my bike (to get thoroughly wet in the rain) so I won't have to ride it again tomorrow. I feel so luxurious with extra hours but I have so much that I should have gotten done this weekend and didn't that it's not all that valid, but it feels nice.

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