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Sunday, January 19, 2003


I went to an anti-war protest yesterday. Actually I watched them march and then wandered down to the park where they ended up to walk around for a while. I said hi to a few people there that I had met when the bus riders union was up and running and I listened to speeches. I'm not a pacifist but I do question going to war with Iraq. Saudi Arabia is where they are training the terrorists and Saudi Arabia is supporting them. Could it be all that oil in Iraq?

I am so not a socialist so I can't stand too much "progressive" rhetoric but there are many points on which we agree, one of which is you have a really, really, really good reason for going to war and so far the prez hasn't given us one. There were 5000 people there which is pretty good for Tucson.

I liked the sermon at the UU church this morning. It was to the effect that diversity means getting along with strangers and allowing diverse opinions in the UU church, even people who think we should go to war with Iraq. Strangers are the people we get along with, have to get along with, even though we may not agree on everything. That is what makes for a civil society. This is a nice idea. I remember hearing that at one national UU meeting people who suggested that even smokers should be tolerated were booed. I love the UU church but they drive me crazy. Their concept of a libertarian society is generally that everyone should be free to do what they approve of everyone doing. Sweet people but generally no real concept of diversity because they can't imagine anyone not believing like they do. This, of course, is the failing of most activists.

It's so nice to realize I have tomorrow off, too, though I do have to go to class again at 6:00 pm. I've been going to class from 5:30 to 9:30 pm all this last week so this week I only have to go from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. WooHoo!. By Friday I was just not comprehending plus we were in the hard stuff by then. Taking a 15 to 20 hour class in one week, after working all day sucks but I didn't want to pass up this chance and I enjoy learning it. I just get so tired and have no time to do anything else.

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