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Sunday, January 5, 2003

Unlikeable atheists

I finished reading "Corpse Canle" by P C Doherty. This is set in 1303 and Sir Hugh Corbett, Keeper of the King's Seal, is sent by King Edward to the abbey of St Martin's-in-the-Marsh to investigate the death of the abbott who was a friend of the king. Soon others die and there are rumors that a ghost of a robber baron is haunting the marshes. This is a good book with an interesting look at life in 1303.

I went to the atheist breakfast again this morning but I don't think I'll go again. There are a couple people who are long regulars who take a thoroughly hateful view of humankind and see only themselves as worthy of ruling and deciding who should live or die. I don't know how much of it is jump bull and how much they really believe but it's not something that I feel very uncomfortable with or want to spend a perfectly good morning listening too especially since they do tend to monopolize the conversation.

I spent the rest of the day along the Santa Cruz riverwalk finding a couple geocaches and just walking and walking. The first geocache was GC63D2-Rio Nuevo. I took bus 21 to just under I-10 and then walked north on the west side of the Santa Cruz. It was an "easy" find but took me a while because I'm still learning where to look. There's one at the U of A that I still haven't found. I did find it and after a bicyclist went on by I signed the log book, took some earrings and left a scarab.

I set the coordinates for the next one, GC5E32-Cinnamon Stick, and it was 1.45 miles north so I just started walking. It was a nice day and I enjoyed the walk ending up near a frisbee golf course. I had to go into the Santa Cruz for this one and it was up high. I could just touch it as I'm only 5'4" but couldn't get a good hold to pull the magnet loose. I was looking around for something to stand on when my brain kicked in and I realized the concrete was rough enough I could just climb a foot and be tall enough. I signed the logbook, took a penny and left a scarab.

I was far enough north that I continued north to Grant figuring I could get the bus. I managed to be waiting on the wrong side of the street and No. 22 whizzed by. Since most buses are only running once and hour I went ahead and walked all the way to Silverbell where I could catch the 21 half an hour later. I had done enough walking that I decided to call it a day. There's one on A Mountain that I want to do but I'll have to walk up A Mountain so I'll save it for another day.

I picked up a simple Silva compass on the way home since I've managed to lose the one I've had since 1990. I do not know what happened. I always kept it in my purse, just in case, you know, but I must have dropped it out a some point.

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