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Monday, December 30, 2002

Choosing an apartment

I took the plunge and put in an application for an apartment. Now I'm worried that they won't accept me. I don't know why. I have never been turned down by an apartment and I make enough money to more than pay the rent. I guess it's just too many years of no credit and being turned down for credit. I owe too much money but I'm certainly not delinquent.

This was one of the first I looked at and liked it but I have to make sure so I kept looking but none of them seemed as good in both location and the layout of the apartment though several others were close runners up. I don't move till the last week of February but they have a real good deal going right now so I wanted to get my app in so I can save on the deposits.

I was reading Orion magazine today and the article was talking about how the US environmental groups have been too concerned with the cost and cost savings of environmentalism and not about the fact that it's just the moral to do. It's wrong to destroy the watershed so people have only dirty water to drink, and in some countries, no water. It is just morally wrong to put the water up for sale to the highest bidder. Water should not be owned by a company and sold to the highest bidder. That is just wrong. The same goes for air. Yes, we do pay for the processing of the water but it should be available for basic needs first, not for swimming pools and hot tubs, or wasteful commercial uses.

I've always gone back and forth on environmentalism because I am not in favor of socialism and most environmentalists that I've met have been more interested in protecting their hiking paths than the air and water. I realized that it's always the moral issue that draws me back. It's also the moral issue that keeps me prolife. Economically it's more cost efficient to just get rid of any kid that interferes with your life but morally, it's wrong.

I'm not going to agree with all environmental issues. DDT is one. DDT can be applied carefully to combat malaria while not destroying the environment. What was destroying the environment was dumping it by the ton on fields to kill bugs. DDT was banned and 30 some million people died of malaria and are still dying. That's also a moral issue.

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