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Saturday, December 28, 2002

Cactus Forest Trail

I've decided to start hiking more which is one of the reasons that I've been looking at apartments on the east side when I knew I needed to move. It's a little easier in the winter since there are more that start at reasonable hours and not at the break of dawn, but it's still a long bus ride for most of the hikes. It'll even be easier to get to the eastside hikes as I'll be on better and earlier bus routes.

I went on a very nice and easy hike through the Saguaro National Park East. We started at the Broadway trailhead for the Cactus Forest Trail and wandered around several trails till finally ending up, two and a half hours later at the Mica View Picnic Area where there was a feast waiting for us in honor of the guide's birthday. I had brought a lunch and did not touch it. There was wine and champagne, hotdogs and meatballs, plus cookies and cake. We were stuffed so we took a long way going back also and took a mile and a half trail instead of the .7 mile route.

It was a beautiful day and we soon had our sweaters off but it never got too hot. These are the days that we endure the summer for. There was virtually no elevation gain so it was a good hike to start on. Now I'll have to work up to harder ones. I want to be able to keep up, pretty much, with Lisa when we hike. It just requires consistently hiking instead of every few months like I've been doing.

I came home and ate the leftovers from my Christmas dinner so I ate well today. I'm feeling good tired and I'm sure I have muscles that will ache. I could feel some from yesterday this morning so I'm going to take it easy tomorrow.

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