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Thursday, December 26, 2002

Day after Christmas

I was thinking last night about the book I read "Doctor Makes a Dollhouse Call". The murderer sincerely thought he could do the most good by killing off his wife's family so he would end up with their money so he could do good. He thought he could make this a better world. He thought he had the answer to fix many of our problems. We frown on murdering people so he can use their money to make things better, so how is this different from the muslims who are also murdering in the name of good?

I just saw a great story on TV. There's a website called This guy decided that he wasn't any closer to being a millionaire philanthropist so he decided to go ahead with his current income and is giving 12% of his income, $300 some a month, to people. He helps people whose kid needs glasses or a crockpot because their stove doesn't work and such. What a wonderful idea. He takes donations, some come in as low as 4 quarters, and I think this would be a better way than some huge organization. I remember so clearly when I would have been thrilled to have just $50 or $100 in groceries or clothes or car repairs. It would have been absolutely wonderful.

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