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Monday, December 23, 2002

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

I saw The Two Towers today and it was great. Three hours and it just flew by and even though I know how it ends I got caught up into it. It caught a better flavor of the book than the first one, probably because it didn't have to set the stage. There was a bit of stage setting with the Arwen and Aragorn, and nicely done, but mainly it was a lot fighting. They included the ents so I was happy. I love them and loved how they tore down Isengard. Frodo and Sam have the hardest job to do yet they seem to be doing the least. I guess that the people who are doing important work often don't seem like it. The fighters and flamboyant seem to get the press. Not that they weren't earning it in the movie. The fight scenes were awesome even though I've watched them discussed and bits shown for weeks on television. Gollum is creepy. He's so close to being human, but not quite and the times he talks to himself are so much like how we all talk to ourselves, we just haven't sunk to the depths he has. The contrast between the hobbits and Gollum show what we could become if we don't really try to fight the dark side.

Ok, I'm mixing movies but I was thinking about good and evil and realized this was the reason for the success of The Lord of the Rings and Starwars. We all know there is good and evil and we want good to win. We aren't always sure who are the good people. It's easy in TLOTR and Starwars but it's hard when it's people that look like us and have a mortgage and a job and kids.

This is why I am not a pacifist. There really are a lot of really not nice people out there and all the love and caring and whatever is not going to change that. Should we fight terrorism? Yes. Should we go to war with Iraq? That's more iffy. We should defend ourselves against evil because if those who can defend themselves don't then who will? There really is evil but thinking good thoughts isn't going to get rid of it. We sometimes have to fight, sometimes, unfortunatley, with guns. What's unfortunate is that it's the politicians who decide if we fight with guns and politicians aren't exactly known for turning away from the dark side.

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