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Saturday, December 21, 2002

Just wandering

I wandered over to the east side of town to check it out again since I'm thinking of moving there. I used to live there when my kids were in school and the apartment I like best is just down from the one we lived in. It's a bit more than some of the other places I looked at but has a window in every single room. So many apartments, such as the one I'm in now, are caves with openings on only one side. This also means there is no cross draft and in a warm (hot!) climate like Tucson you really need a cross draft. Where I am now I often keep the air on even though it's cooler outside than inside but I can't get good circulation to bring it in even with a fan.

While there I checked out another place but it left me cold, so I wandered over to the mall to spend money at the bookstore. I picked up a couple magazines, one of them Vegetarian Times. I've noticed that all the healthy diets involve lots of vegetables, including the low carb one, since you can eat an enormous amount of many veggies without getting much carb. I'm no longer on the low carb one since I realized that the good it was doing me was because of all the veggies I was eating. I just couldn't handle all that meat either. Anyway, I enjoy reading VT since it has such great recipes. I especially like the vegan ones since the others tend to depend a little too much on eggs and cheese.

I'm also trying to stay away from too many grains as I used to eat so much bread in the evenings, with butter, of course, and I'm trying to get more of my protein from whole grains and beans, especially soy products. I have some tofu in the fridge and it's a good thing it lasts so long in it's sealed container because I've never been good at making stuff with it. This evening I'm having a delicious wild rice soup that I make from a mix I get at Wild Oats and a tossed salad with a cut up orange as the salad dressing. The orange adds just enough moisture to make delicious tossed salad.

I considered see The Two Towers but the line was long so I think I'll see it later in the week when most people are at work. I'm really looking forward to it. I hope to see another movie or two during break, I just haven't decided which ones.

Since I was checking out the area I also went by the Wilmot Library. This is a plus since it's the only branch library that's open on Sunday. Since I was there I checked out a couple books. What am I going to do about this compulsion to check out books when I have so many unread ones at home!

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