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Wednesday, December 4, 2002

Crunchy Cons

I ran across the term "crunchy cons" and started following it only to find that I am one, sort of. It started out with an article in National Review about conservatives who are more environmental and eat organic foods and enjoy a simpler way of life than the usual conservative. Actually there may be more than you'd think out there. I'm still not convinced that organic tastes better but I certainly don't fit the conservative image of either a rich fat cat who doesn't care about anyone or the religious right nut. I'm in favor of transit, support public education (though not the public education we have now which sucks) and libraries, and don't make much money or own a car.

I am prolife, though I have never and don't plan to picket an abortion clinic, think that people need to be encouraged to take control of their own lives and not be taken care of like they were children, and think people are capable of taking control of their lives. There are few things that are done better by the government than by individuals. A couple of the things that the government should do are national defense and protection of the bill of rights. It's nice to know that there are other people out there that don't fit in little pigeonholes.

I noticed on the news that over 14,000 knives were taken from people flying over Thanksgiving. I'm amazed that there are that many people that are either so stupid or so forgetful that they had them on them instead of in their luggage.

I have got to move. I need to move up from a studio to at least a one bedroom as I'm feeling overwhelmed. I was looking a bit this weekend and am apalled. Just apalled! They want $200 - $300 just for the deposit on the apartment and another $200 or $300 for a pet deposit. A PET DEPOSIT! Come on, the only thing my cat destroys is my furniture.

That's another thing. My furniture. I don't have any. Well, I don't have the normal things that I'll need if I move, like a bed, right now I'm sleeping on a murphy bed that stays with the studio, of course. I don't have a dining room table because there's no room. Ditto for a couch and my armchair fell apart it was so old. I have a large teak desk, four ugly dining room chairs, a lawn chair that I sit in and my computer and television. I'll need help moving just for the desk but that's it. I hate the idea that I have to pay to move two pieces of furniture. I hate even worse the prices I'm seeing for furniture. I may be sleeping on the floor on my futon for a while.

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