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Sunday, November 24, 2002

Rationality and poetry

I Think

I think, but can't I feel too?
I think, but I see colors also.
I think, but that's not all there is.
I see.
I make.
I touch.
I cry.
I laugh.
I hug.
I sing.
I grieve.
I rejoice.
I dance.
I think, but that's just part of me.
Is it even the most important part?

I went to the atheist breakfast this morning. It was held at Congress Hotel which is a much nicer place than where it was. Larger group than I've seen since I've been going the last few months, off and on. I got into a discussion with a few people. A couple of them think only rational people should run the world and that genetics is what should determine who lives and who dies. While I agree that people who don't do anything shouldn't be supported by the people who do the work, I can't agree in a program of just killing people off.

I also am not a determinist like they are, that is that we have no free will. I will continue to choose my life, for better or worse, and can't accept that we can't change our destiny. Another disagreement was that I thought art, poetry, beauty were just as important as rationality. Too many totalitarian governments have destroyed art for the sake of ideology or used it as propaganda for their agenda. Rationality is important as we need to be able to look at the world as it is, not as we wish it to be but I don't think that rationality is a better predictor of what will be. There are too many variables to work with.

The eugenics was the part that really gave me shivers. I don't like the idea of breeding people for certain characteristics and especially not so that we can fit people into their "place" in society.

After breakfast, which was close to noon, I did a multi-part geocache in downtown Tucson. This was great fun. I had to use clues from each stage to get the correct waypoint for the next stage. This was a virtual one so I just had to send in the answers to the person who set up the geocache. The second one I did was on the Rillito. This was my first non-virtual one that I found I had to really look. This will be such good training in looking at what I see.

In the middle of doing the geocache downtown I happened on a craft fair and bought some nice christmas presents. This was put on by the Tucson Museum of Art which is a place that I always mean to go to but never do. I liked the way they handled payment. You got a ticket from each booth where you bought something and paid for everything at once at a cashier. Then you took the stamped ticket back to the booth. Not only do you not have to dig out money or credit card each time but you don't have to carry the stuff around with you.

Rachel Aschmann 2002.
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