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Monday, November 18, 2002

Monday again

I went to church yesterday and happened on the Blessing of the Animals service. It was held outside and there were so many dogs, so many and of every size, a few cats, some hamsters/gerbils (I have trouble remembering which is which), and even a couple birds. They were all remarkably well behaved though, I suppose, people with problem animals don't bring them, like me. I love my cat but she is a real pain in public. She is terrified and acts as though I beat her daily.

It was very nice. I got a cup of coffee and found a seat by the fountain so I had a place to put my cup. This way I wasn't as likely to spill it and could relax. I get such a feeling of comfort at church even a church so different from the ones I grew up in. I tend to go to episcopal churches now though I grew up in more fundamental/bible type churches. I don't feel totally comfortable but that's because I don't believe in the god that the churches profess to believe in. I see god as something in all of us. We choose whether to let the god side of our nature or the satan side of our nature shows. I also think a group of like minded people can truly work miracles if they want. Not the turning water into wine kind but the ability to accomplish things they never thought they could.

Above all I think we have the ability to choose what we are like to a great extent. This doesn't mean we don't have distinct personalities that we have to work with. Things like ADD, personality types such as Meyers Briggs (I'm INTP) and whether we are introverts or extraverts are often (usually?) hardwired into us. Still, it's like people who have a genetic tendency to get heart disease or diabetes, if they know what their tendencies are they can take counter measures.

I finished reading "Dave Barry is not Taking This Sitting Down!" by Dave Barry. He doesn't have a polished style of writing and I'm often put off when it seems he's trying too hard but I still laugh all the way through his books. I especially applaud his crusade against low flow toilets. It doesn't save much water when you have to flush them three times to get them to work. That is so nasty.

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