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Monday, November 11, 2002

Veterans Day

I went downtown this morning and found a parade. Everyone was lined up for the Veterans Day Parade so I stayed to watch. They let the soldiers on the tanks and trucks have their kids with them. One truck had a small child, about one year old, lying on his stomach on the top of the cab with his mom hanking on to him. He looked like he wasn't sure what he was doing there. The kids were so excited. A little one sitting near me kept waving and yelling "Hey soldier man". I saw Lisa and Mike's highschool band from Rincon. They wear purple, including purple cowboy hats. I clapped for them anyway.

I do appreciate people in the military. They put their lives on the line for us and are grossly underpaid for the privilege. I found my first geocache with my GPS I bought yesterday. Actually it was a no brainer because it was at the Snake Bridge that I've visited so often. I tried to find another one on campus but while I found the area I could not decipher the clues. I also looked for a benchmark and got real close but it's in a locked courtyard on campus so I'll have to try again when the building is open.

All this on foot in great walking weather, in the 70s, but I covered several miles and what with wandering and backtracking I was pooped. It was nice to get on the bus and come home to put my feet up.

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