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Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Election Day

I am so glad that we will finally get relief from the campaign ads. Just blatant lies on so many of them. Two candidates say totally opposite things and you know one has to be lying, probably both. I voted a few weeks ago and voted mainly libertarian as I wasn't all that thrilled with any of the candidates and the libertarians are at least fun. I also voted for a few democrats and republicans but more for balance than anything.

I think the libertarians would be a lousy government as they wouldn't pay attention to what needs to be done and there are things that need to be done. Good government takes a lot of attention to detail. Unless we want to go back to feudalism and each live in our armed castle we need a decent government. I just can't get to thrilled with either the of the two major parties. They're both to fast to tell me how to live my life, they just have different views on what I should made to do or not to do, but neither thinks I am intelligent enough to make my own decisions.

I'm watching an HGTV show that gives us a great tip on hiding the television. Why? They expect people to think they are too refined or whatever to watch tv? It's a real status thing. Some people think having a big humongous tv is status and some think that pretending you don't have one is status. Go figure!

I finished reading "The Clerk's Tale" by Margaret Frazer. It's set in England in 1446. Dame Frevisse, a nun, goes on a trip with her prioress who wants to see her cousin, also a nun, who is dying. A dead man is found in the infirmary garden and Dame Frevisse gets caught up in solving the mystery. It's a good story, as this series always is. I learned that people could own the marriage rights to a ward while someone else was the actual guardian. It was tough to being an orphan back then.

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