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Saturday, November 2, 2002

Happy Birthday and Halloween

I started out today planning to take it easy as it's my birthday, have a relaxed day, and then go to a Halloween party tonight. I thought I would just run up to the grocery store but it was so nice I decided to ride to the university and check my PO box. Then, since I was already at the university I thought it wouldn't take but a few minutes to ride downtown and check the PO box there.

Once I was downtown I thought it might be nice to take the Santa Cruz riverwalk back north. It was nice and I took my time. Part way Lisa called to wish me Happy Birthday and reminded me that I am now twice as old as she is since I was 28 the day after she was born. Damn!

It's was lunch time by then so I ate my lunch while enjoying the weather and then continued on to the bookstore, where I spent some more time. By the time I got to the grocery store it was mid-afternoon and the day was well on it's way.

I went to a Halloween party at Tammy's and watched a dozen kids and Tammy race around. I sat out by the pool with a margarita and chatted. It was so nice. My kind of party.

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