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Monday, October 28, 2002

Riots and shooting

This has been an interesting day at work. Not good interesting. Not long after I got to work we heard that someone had shot some people at the College of Nursing and then killed himself. The Health Sciences departments are just off the main campus by University Medical Center. This was after we heard that there was a riot among the students waiting, some all night, to get basketball tickets. Basketball is very big at the U of A.

One difficult thing was not knowing who was shot till late in the afternoon. We often talk with people in the College of Nursing as pay bills. We don't usually talk with professors, which we had heard the victims were, but sometimes we do and it was unnerving to not know if someone we had talked to was dead. We were getting our news from the radio and tv as the phones at AHSC were not being answered as everyone was evacuated or otherwise occupied.

It turned out that it was a nursing student who was not doing well in class. Why do people think it's better to take people with them into death? Why do they think this is going to make them feel better or somehow get back at people. The people are dead, they don't know. It's the rest of us that suffer and we don't feel all that sorry about the killer. Murder suicide is a very selfish thing to do. I don't see that there is any justification or good that comes out of it whether it's this guy or the terrorists who on 9/11.

I wasn't personally afraid except that in the morning they had told us to not wander around outside any more than necessary as they weren't sure if the person who had killed was the person or the only person who was shooting people. Mainly I just feel sad.

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