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Sunday, October 27, 2002

Shopping and not driving

I finished shopping for Lisa's birthday present and bought myself a pair of pants. I'm finally down a size. I'm so happy. It was fun shopping for Lisa too but it's so hard for me to put myself in her place and know what she would like. I got things I thought she would like, though.

In the morning I went grocery shopping in the rain, on my bike. I didn't plan that but it rained some yesterday and was coming down steady this morning. Late in the morning it stopped so I hurried to the store and it started raining on my way there but more like a heavy mist so I wasn't too wet and it had pretty much stopped when I rode home. It was nice to get some rain.

I read "The Crediton Killings" by Michael Jecks. This is a Medieval West Country Mystery. That's what it says on the cover of the book. It's a good book with Baldwin Furnshill, Keeper of the King's Peace, visiting a friend and meeting with a bishop when a girl is killed and some mercenaries silver is stolen. A good mystery and a look at the fourteenth century in England.

My father called yesterday to tell me that he totaled his car. That's the good news because he wasn't hurt, just shook up a little, and has decided to quit driving. I know it's hard for him, as he said, he's been driving for seventy years. He's also 88, has macular degeneration, and does not have the reflexes he used to have. I'm so glad he could make this decision himself.

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