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Friday, October 25, 2002

Volleyball and Chekov

I had a busy night and am ready for bed. After work I moved my bike and had a bite to eat and then went to a gallery opening. This was the faculty exhibition and had some interesting stuff plus good food. I almost wished I hadn't eaten even a bite. It was really three exhibits, I think, in both the UA Museum of Art and the Joseph Gross Museum next door which also houses the Lionel Rombach gallery. Some of the art was a little incomprehensible, insteresting. I'll have to go back when I can spend more time.

Then I had to go clear to the other side, kitty-cornered to the art museum. The Faculty Staff Choir sang the national anthem at the Women's Volleyball game. This was the first time I've been in McKale Center since my daughter graduated in 1997. It seemed smaller from the floor than from way up in the seats. We sang at 7:00 then I had to dash madly back to the same area as the museum, to see a play at the Lab Theatre. I was quite warm from walking so fast.

The play was "Three Sisters" by Anton Chekov. It was over three hours and was typically Russian with lots of soul searching and talk. Lots of talk. It involved three sisters in a provincial town where the army officers the height of sophistication. It follows the sisters through several years of dreaming about going to Moscow until they finally realize that they won't. It seemed boring at first but the time went fast and I really enjoyed it. A Russian literary work is something to be enjoyed only once in a while but they are good.

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