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Friday, October 18, 2002

Biking 31 miles

Mike was up early and Ole drove him 31 miles into Joshua Tree National Park to start his bike ride. A few hours later Mike was back, ready to eat and do some more climbs. There were other people to climb with today. I checked in on them a few times but had other things to do.

I drove around to the Oasis Visitor Center, which means down to the highway and all the way through Twentynine Pines. This end of JTNP is a little strangely setup. There were some nice exhibits but I see plenty desert exhibits in Arizona and went through quickly.

On the way back I stopped to take pictures of the local bus stops and then at the visitor center to pickup some bus schedules. The Morongo Basin Transit Authority runs three schedules through Twentynine Pines and one of these goes to Yucca Valley where it connects with three local schedules for Yucca Valley and Landers and two schedules that go to Palm Springs and Palm Desert. Not a lot to choose from but the bus stops looked in good condition and I did see some people waiting for the bus. I considered taking a short ride but the schedules are an hour apart and I didn't want to wait that long for a ride back from wherever I went.

The visitor center had info on the high points of Twentynine Pines and Morongo Basin. They were in the middle of Pioneer Days and had fun stuff going on. They also have world famous murals on the buildings around town. I saw some driving through. They were nice but nothing of world famous quality. Maybe I missed the best ones.

The couple camping with us had a two year old and he cried last night. Just wailed evidently. I didn't hear but I was around the corner from them. We had five campites stretched back from the road. The two back campsites were really nice except that you had to carry your stuff in. The mother ended up at a Motel 6 after midnight and the kid finally went to sleep. A tent was just too much of a change for him. They said he had traveled before, stayed in motels and had done ok. They decided to stay till the end of the day but left in the early evening.

We sat around the fire watching the kangaroo rats run all over everything. This afternoon I was sitting with my legs on the table bench and a ground squirrel kept getting on my leg. I think he had his eye on the peanuts next to my leg. They are so used to people. Lauri got here today. She was tied up with a doula job. She works nights so she's having to switch to stay up during the day. That's hard.

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