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Saturday, October 12, 2002

North to Flagstaff

I picked up the rental today and then spent a couple hours loading it and finishing shopping before starting out of town when I realized it only had a tape deck, not a cd player. I went back home to pick up some tapes and leave my cds but my tape selection is pretty sorry now so I didn't have much. It's a 2003 too!

It was fun to be driving but a bit strange. I enjoyed the drive to Flagstaff. I considered stopping in Phoenix for a volkswalk but I started late so decided to just head north. I pretty much just drove and enjoyed talking to myself and thinking. There is something about traveling by myself that gives me time to think and ponder and dream.

I always enjoy the uplift onto the Mogollon Rim. You just go up and up into the cool and pines. Coming out of the desert it is great.

It was after four when I got to Flagstaff. I had thought of calling ahead but it was in the middle of October and I didn't think there would be a problem. All the lower priced chains were full. I was amazed. I finally ended up at Economy Inn on the main drag. It had probably been there when Route 66 was the main highway through town. It was small, shabby and patched but clean so it was fun thinking I was in a motel that was used by the early cross country car travelers.

I picked up some wrapping paper and scissors and spent the evening wrapping Mike's presents and watching television.

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