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Monday, October 7, 2002

Travel Anxiety

I've been getting depressed again. Anytime I have a major activity. and many minor activities, I start getting depressed. It's not as bad now as it used to be but it's a real pain because I need to get stuff done for vacation and I have a hard time getting it done. I suppose it's social anxiety or whatever but it's very irritating. Once I'm doing whatever it is I'm fine and thoroughly enjoy myself but it's the anticipation that brings on the depression.

I'm checking my list though. Even with a travel list there is always something that I should have taken and didn't. To make up for this I take more than I should but I'm getting better at that too. Realizing that I'll never be the best dressed, or even in the top ten, no matter how much I pack, is the best help. Since I travel on the cheap I don't need anything dressy.

It's so nice and cool now. In the 80s and it was cloudy today. So nice! We're getting fall finally. Now I just want to see some fall colors.

We have a libertarian candidate for state senate. She's in favor of legalizing marijuana and is wearing a bikini in her ads. It's a great ad. Her chances of winning are fairly nill but she has a great campaign. Love it. Now if we could get her elected for the state senate and the republican who is running on the beer ticket for governor. They may not accomplish once but it would be great to see something besides dull suits arguing over who's the most righteous.

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