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Sunday, October 6, 2002

What to get?

I felt much better than I thought I would. My back doesn't hurt much at all just a slight ache but my lower back was twinging, probably because I jerked when the can of soda hit me yesterday.

I breakfast with the atheists this morning. I really try to go to church because I love the rituals and all but I just can't do it. I am an atheist and I can't pretend to be christian. I can't pretend to believe in god. It was refreshing though they tend to be an opinionated and outspoken group. I can't say that I agree with them in everything but at least they are willing to listen to all views, in part, I'm sure, because they have so often not been listened to.

I spent several hours deciding what to get Mike. It's so hard for me to buy presents. Some people seem to just know what to buy but I have no clue. I have trouble getting into people's heads. Even when I pay attention it's hard and when I'm doing it long distance it's the pits. But it was fun picking stuff out.

Then I came home and read a couple books. The first one was "Ransom of the Opera" by Fred Hunter. A new and innovative opera company is presenting Carmen at a new opera house and tempers are high. When the male lead is murdered at the opening detective Jeremy Ransom has to sift through all the people involved with the opera. He gets the help of his elderly friend Emily Charters who attended the opening. It's nice cozy mystery and I read it right through.

The next book was very different. It was "The Polish Officer" by Alan Furst. It starts in Polond in September 1939 as Warsaw falls to the Wehrmacht. Captain Alexande de Milja is asked to sprit Polond's gold out of the country which he does on a small train filled with refugees. He then joins the Polish underground as it tries to fight the Germans and and the Russians at the same time. He works in Poland and then Paris before ending up where Poland, the Ukraine and Byelorussia join in 1941. It is such a well written book that I couldn't put it down. He's shown as a very human spy that is determined to do what he can to help Poland though he knows that according to history Poland doesn't have much of a chance of being independent or free, nor does he have much chance of surviving. Wonderful book!

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