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Thursday, October 3, 2002

Creeping Crud

I finally went to the doctor today for the rash I have had on my foot and hand for a few months now. It doesn't really bother me except on my hand, where it's in the web which gets irritated when my hands get web a lot like hand washing. It seems it's not a fungus but something they don't really know how you get, you know, the creeping crud. And so I've got a cream to use for a couple weeks to see if that helps. Makes me feel confident. Actually I didn't see a doctor but a nurse practitioner which was fine by me since I got an appointment in less than a week. While checking out the lady taking money was celebrating her birthday and I got a piece of tiramisu. Oh, that is so good!

I now have as my primary care providor the campus health service. It's great. I walk fifteen minutes across campus and I'm there. No more riding the bus for two hours to spend fifteen minutes with the doctor. They kept asking me for my student id though. It was kind of nice to be thought of as a student even though I knew they didn't think I was as young as most of them.

I went the the Poetry Reading last night. Linda Gregerson was the poet and reader and she is good. Not only are her poems great but she can read them very well. After the reading she answered some questions and one of them was how do you write poetry now that there aren't the common canons that we were used to. The questioner mentioned that he had talked in class about original sin and most of the kids didn't know what that was. It's an interesting question. Linda said that there is no good answer to this. She said that the reader now has to do a little research when reading writings by someone from a different knowledge base.

I guess this has always been the position of minorities when the writings taught were by the majority group or the position of the ruled when what is taught is by the rulers. Now we are split into a multitude of splinter cultures that merge and diverge from each other. I love it. I don't agree with all of them but certainly we get a much richer cultural mix.

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