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Sunday, September 29, 2002

Wicca and worship

I went to a book signing for a book about not eating grains. I looked through the book as the author was talking but didn't buy it. While it looks like it has plenty of valid points there wasn't anything new from what I've been seeing for the last eight months or so. When I eat very much grains or sugar I get bloated and have gas. When I don't eat them, I'm fine. Unfortunately the author was boring so I went to look at books of wicca.

I like the ritual of wicca but feel more comfortable with the episcopal ritual. The wicca belief in spells, potions and talismans makes me uncomfortable. They talk about being a nature religion but nature doesn't use spells and potions, it just uses/conforms to scientific law. I do like ritual, though, but more of the dancing and chanting, not spells and potions. The only magic I like is seeing what is really there. If you don't see what's there you'll never be able to change it, with or without magic.

Went to M3M this evening and did a little dancing and chanting. Uh huh.

I finished reading "Death of the Last Villista" by Allana Martin. This is set in Polvo, Texas where the stars of a movie shot forty years before come back to star in a documentary about the shooting of the movie. Accidents start happening and Texana, who was in the movie as a child and who owns the trading post that her parents owned at the time starts looking for answers to a murder that happened during the filming of the original movie. It's a good mystery.

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