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Friday, September 27, 2002


Tonight I went to see "The Tango Lesson", directed by Sally Potter and starring Sally Potter and Pablo Veron. It was very well done. She is trying to write a script about rage and starts to take tango lessons from Pablo. It's set in a series of twelve lessons as she learns to follow in the tango but lead when writing and directing. Pablo learns that while he leads in the tango he needs to follow/need people in other parts of his life. The tango lessons are great fun to watch. I am a klutz but dream of being able to dance. Actually the tango is not my favorite dance, the waltz is. The waltz is flowing but the tango is too jerky. So what insight does that give about me?

I am enjoying the foreign films which is a surprise as I never liked stuff like that. You know, arty, subtitles, the whole bit. "The Tango Lesson" is in english, spanish and french, which is even more interesting. So in Spain do they subtitle the english and not the spanish? I look forward to them even though I have to stay on campus till 7:30 on a Friday night to see them.

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