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Friday, September 13, 2002

Food, sex and authority

I'm glad this week is over. It's been interesting and I've enjoyed most of it but it's also been a frustrating week as we've listened to a hurricane of whining, yelling, "just loving each other" and general navel gazing. Now it's time to just move on and being expected to look forward to another war, again with Iraq, is not moving on. It's also not how our laws read. If the US has enough info to believe that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, our government certainly isn't sharing it with us.

Being a supervisor sucks. All of a sudden I have to pay attention to what someone else is doing and when they go on break and when they get back from lunch and it breaks my concentration and I feel bad about doing it. It is interesting to see what is kept on employees and the stats and paperwork and such, but inside knowledge does not make up for feeling like a cop.

I just have a bad attitude about the whole thing but I guess I'll see how it goes. It's not like I'm not good at telling people what to do, it's that I just can't understand why people need spying on. Why can't they just do their job and if they don't have enough to do ask for more, or if they have too much justify the fact and we can work with it. Why do I have to spy on them? Why would anyone not want to work the best they can?

I just want to do my work without being interrupted but I have gotten used to people needing my help with things so that part isn't bad. I'm used to people intruding on my space and even enjoy the challenge of helping them. What I don't like is having to invade someone else's space when I know they don't want me to do that.

Tonight I went to see the chinese film "Eat Drink Man Woman" by Yin Shi Nan Nu. It was so good. The audience laughed and groaned. There was a full house and late comers were sitting in the aisle once the lights went down. It's great that the university puts on this free series of movies. This one was in chinese with subtitles. It followed a father and his three grown daughters who still live with him. One still mourns the boyfriend from college, another is on the fast track in her career and the third works at a fast food restaurant while still going to school. Their father is a chef who is losing his sense of taste and they all meet each week for Sunday dinner which is this enormous dinner for just the four of them. They take turns making announcements at the dinner that change all their lives. Wonderful movie!

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