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Thursday, September 12, 2002

Steel and smoke

Busy week! Monday night I was at Requiem practice till 9:15 and then it started to rain as I was unlocking my bike so I rode home in the rain. Tuesday night we had dress rehearsal and it had poured all evening so I rode home in the rain again. Last night we sang downtown and I rode home at 9:00 but at least it wasn't raining. It was so nice to get home by 7:30 today and it wasn't raining, just a beautiful evening.

It was a wonderful experience to sing in the Rolling Requiem. I had to work so hard to keep up with the others but it was so rewarding. We sang at 8:46 am yesterday morning at Centennial Hall on campus. It was great to finally sing instead of just practicing. I loved singing the Requiem and there were more people than I expected there. High church latin music isn't everyone's cup of tea especially at 8:30 in the morning, but quite a few came anyway and several told me that we sang very well.

Yesterday evening was a interfaith, we all love each other, service. It was mind numbing. There were about twenty people from the interfaith group and they all had to talk and sing and whatever. We had protestants, catholics, sikhs, hindus, moslems, and whatever. It lasted two very long hours and we were freezing. The air was cranked so far down.

We were suppose to sing three times and we sang the first time before the twenty some people got going. After they finished there was a flag ceremony of giving a flag to a lady who's grandson had died in the pentagon attack. This was a bright spot in the evening. Then they cut stuff out of the agenda and went to the end. We were suppose to sing for the dismissal so we sang and the audience clapped and then our director turned around and started us on the last selection. It was cool! We sat there for two hours freezing and bored and we were going to sing and we did! Tucson seems to have a talent for putting on incredibly boring events.

It was interesting to sit on the stage of the music hall instead of way up on the balcony where I usually sit when I go to the symphony or to see musical. It is a beautiful place.

I think I'm a supervisor, sort of. I only have one person to supervise and I was sort of sideways shifted into the job even though I will still keep my same job title and salary, that's not fair. I only have one person to supervise which is good, since I have resisted being a supervisor so long. I am very nervous about this, not because I don't know what needs to be done but because I hate confrontation and being a supervisor involves confrontation.

I went to another gallery talk this evening for the Dream Street photo exhibition. Martin Yoklic who is a landscape architect and on staff at the university talked about what he remembered from living near Pittsburgh. He talked about how when the bessemer process went off a cloud of black graphite just covered everything. Nasty. Our steel industry was built on the backs of eastern european immigrants. He was fourth generation and they were the ones that got out.

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