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Sunday, September 8, 2002

Shoes and shirt

I finally found a shirt and some shoes today. The shirt was a cheapy from Target but it fit well. I don't normally like things that button since they gap but this shirt had the buttons spaced so it wasn't too bad. Of course for most people there wouldn't be a gap problem but when you wear a backpack it tends to pull you shoulders back which causes gaposis.

I also found some Aerosole shoes. I just couldn't find them yesterday. They are so comfortable and light and worth every penny, which isn't really that much for decent shoes today. They still aren't something that I could walk to work in but they're damn close. It was such a relief to have found what I needed. Shopping when I NEED to get something is so stressful. If I'm just looking it's not too bad though I don't generally want to spend too much time unless I do need something.

At M3M we talked about 9/11 and I felt weepy. This is going to be a rough week. At least I'm busy till 9/11 is over so I wont' just be sitting here watching television go over and over and over it all again. I want a memorium and closure so we can go on. This one little episode has freaked us out yet there are people all over the world who live with war on a daily basis. Look at how long Northern Ireland lived with war. Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and on and on. We are so lucky that we don't have to live with a war being found in our country, despite the rehtoric we've been hearing. We aren't in a war. For most of us it's a spectator sport.

I hope Lisa get's some closure or peace about it. It's so much harder for her than for us since she's been right in the middle of it. I don't want her or any of us to accept it since it was so horribly wrong but we can't let it warp our lives.

Several of us went out to eat after M3M and I ate way too much but it was nice to get to know better some of the people I've seen at church. I spent all day riding around in just the edge of rain. I never got poured on but well sprinkled several times so I was damp most of the day but it was cool and wonderful to be out in. Even the rain couldn't take away the pleasure of riding in such lovely weather, besides I like riding in the rain as long as I'm not going somewhere where it matters if I'm wet.

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