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Friday, September 6, 2002

Absurd and Art

Today started out clear and bright so I had high hopes for not getting rained on since I had to ride my bike. Wouldn't you know! Just before 5:00 it started to pour and lightening. Oh bummer! At 5:00 it seemed to be slacking off so I thought I could ride over to where I needed to be this evening, then I realized that my seat cover had come off and the seat was soaked. I ended up with a wet seat but luckily I had on knit slacks that didn't show the dampness, but I could feel it. I had to ride on the sidewalks since the streets were nearly a foot deep in water.

I went to a gallery opening for Albert Kogel at the Joseph Gross Gallery called A Walk in the Dark. There were quite a few refugees from the rain and the hall was lined with umbrellas and my poncho. He does very busy multimedia pictures. They are a chaos of lines and faces and unidentified objects. After I looked at them for a while I would start to see things that I just hadn't seen at first due to the busyness. He has one that is called Medieval Surfers and knights with crosses on their armor and surfers intermix which the rest of the chaos. He also had some drawings that were somewhat pontillist with small dots surrounding faces. I can see one of his pictures on a wall but that's all. More would be too busy. I think I would enjoy looking at one for a long time and seeing new things in it.

There was also an exhibit of black and white photography by Shawn Kelley with music by Silas Hite called The Evolution of Dis con nect ion. Beautiful pictures. The black matted ones were urban scenes that were more angular. He takes the pictures of skeletons of buildings, etc. from a point of view that makes you work at figuring out what it is. Perhaps you are just suppose to enjoy the angles and shapes in themselves but I have to try and figure it out. The white matted pictures were more organic and even though most are also man made they are flowing and curved. I liked the photographs more than Kogel's pictures but you had to really look at Kogel's pictures so it was more interactive.

Then I went to see "Absurd Person Singular" by Alan Ayckbourn. This was billed as hysterically funny and while there were some very funny scenes it was also sad. It followed three couples over three Christmas Eves. One couple is working/middle class, one is upwardly mobile and one is more aristocratic. Their roles subtly change over the three years and it's rather sad to see how they made their own problems and their prejudices and fears make their lives. It seemed like a drama in a slapstick setting.

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