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Monday, September 2, 2002

Labor Day

I celebrated Labor Day by doing just about nothing. I read all day and went to Requiem practice in the evening. It was a nice day but went way too fast.

The first book was "An English Murder" by Louise Doughty. This is a different mystery. It's a dark story and it's told from different points of view and at different times and the reader finds out that there are more than just the most evident murder. A couple are found stabbed to death and their teenage daughter is missing. The reporter who lived next door hopes this is her chance to get ahead but finds out that all is not as it seems, including herself.

The second books was "In A Strange City" by Laura Lippman. It's set in Baltimore and the murder occurs when the cloaked figure brings the brandy and roses to Edgar Allan Poe's grave as he has for years. No one gets too close as no one really wants to know who and take the mystery out of this strange ritual. This year two cloaked figures appear and one of them get's shot. In the chaos the other one slips away. Tess Monaghan, a private investigator, is there because she had been asked, and refused, to unmask the "Poe Toaster" which, as a good Baltimorean, she refused. This is a great book. I loved the literary allusions though many of them went right over my head. I'm not a big Poe fan but enjoy hearing his poetry and loved hearing of the lore that's built up around him. The mystery is well done also and came to a good conclusion.

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