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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Bad Day

I had one of those days where not only do I seem not able to do anything right but things I've done wrong previous days seem to turn up. None of them were uncorrectable but they were just stupid and I kept doing stupid things. It's like my mind could not wrap itself around what I was doing. Such a totally frustrating day.

I'm also frustrated about this stupid war we're in. I know we, the United States, have done lots of stupid things that have made people hate us and we seem to support the most vicious of two choices in many countries, but this does not in anyway excuse the attacks on 9/11 and I know we need to protect ourselves but it seems like we running around like chickens with their heads cut off. We can't police the whole world nor can we find guerilla terrorists anywhere. Oh, we may find a few, but we'll never find them all and the only to win is to change how arabs think of us and that isn't going to happen when it's a holy war for the arabs. I don't know what's best to do and it's so frustrating to listen to everyone who KNOWS what's going on and they don't. None of them do. They don't know what will work or what is best or what's our fault and what isn't. Why are they all so sure, yet they don't agree? And this is all sides. Liberal, conservative, right wing, left wind, libertrian, socialist, you name it.

Ok, rant done. I don't know that I feel better but I just wanted to rant. It's going to get deep the closer we get to 9/11 and I know I will get so irritated again.

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