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Thursday, August 22, 2002


I'm on a team (shit! I'm suppose to be leading the team) that is learning to do the training for our document imaging system. It is so hard for me. Not only am I challenged graphically, which is a problem since we're trying to setup a powerpoint presentation that is professional looking, but I'm not too thrilled at the idea of speaking in public. That is so scary for me even though I think I would enjoy it if I could get past the beginning and become used to doing it.

I finished reading "A Suitable Vengeance" by Elizabeth George. She takes us back to the beginning, or close there unto, when Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley, eigth Earl of Asherton, brings home his fiancee to his family home to meet his mother. It's a good mystery but the characters were acting little more soap operish than most of her books.

They're calling the West Nile Virus the worst public health problem because fifteen people have died this year. Excuse me, more people than that die in auto accidents in a day and very few people are all upset about that. First of all, the only way to control mosquitos is with DDT which we aren't allowed to use anymore even though it's no worse than the pesticides they're using. The problem when DDT used to be used was the massive amounts put on fields to control pests. The amount needed to control mosquitos is very small and much of the evidence shows no problem with the hatching of bird's eggs, which was the main claim that brought about the banning of DDT. Put this against the millions that die yearly from malaria and it's really a no brainer.

The kids are coming back and the streets and restaurants are crowded where I work. Their parents are with them and they are all wandering around like little lost children. Going away to college is such an exciting time but they are just too young to enjoy it. I didn't fully enjoy the wonder of it all because I was so busy worrying about whether I would have a date or make friends or if I was dressed cool enough, etc. Still, compared to some I did pretty good since I knew I couldn't afford better clothes and I had never been popular so I never expected to be and was pleasantly surprised that I had friends and dates. It was an enjoyable part of my life but I still didn't appreciate it like I could have.

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