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Sunday, August 18, 2002


Just heard on the news that birds in zoos are starting to imitate cell phones. That is so cool except that I already have trouble knowing if it's my phone. On the bus a phone rings and a dozen of us start digging for our phone. I understand you can customize your ring on some phones but mine isn't that sophisticated. I do find that tunes work better for me than rings but it's a little embarrassing to be in an important meeting and my purse starts singing "Beautiful Morning" so I stick to rings most of the time.

The buses have put up signs to talk quietly on your cell phone. I don't mind hearing a quiet conversation on a phone but some people do tend to talk very loudly. It reminds me of when people first got phones in the movies and they shouted so that people could hear. That get's a bit annoying.

I listened to Mozart's Requiem while working around the house today. It's all in latin which should be interesting since it's been decades since I sang anything in latin. Our first practice is tomorrow so I shall see how it goes. I am excited about singing some classic church music since it's so beautiful if a bit difficult.

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