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Thursday, August 15, 2002

Dream Street

I went to a gallery talk at the CCP about W Eugene Smith's Pittsburgh photos. There are several scheduled and this is the second one. It was two videos, one an interview show with Smith in 1976 and a video based on the Pittsburgh photos by Sam Stephenson, who has done extensive research on Smith's life and photos. They were great. A few of the photos looked familiar, but I am lamentably unfamiliar with his photos so the videos were very interesting. CCP has a showing of the Pittsburgh photos called "Dream Street".

I thought the Pittsburgh photos were the most interesting as they are so totally urban. They also show the pathetic conditions for steel workers even in the 50s when the photos were taken. The pollution is apalling but the city was still so awesome. Nature is pretty but I still find urban scenes much more interesting. I think part of it is that nature is made without an intelligence but urban is made deliberately and with intelligence even though the intelligence is often not one we want anything to do with. Often the intelligence is struggling to survive in bad condtions so urban is not always pretty but it's always interesting.

I walked west toward the bus stop at 7:00, just as the sun was a gold ball on the edge of the horizon. As I walked it tipped over the edge and filled the sky with gold, looked on by clouds tipped with pink and gold.

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