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Saturday, August 10, 2002

Buses and backpacks

I was so pissed last night. I walked into Frys supermarket, ready to spend more money, where I have already spent lots of money and the security guard, new as of a few weeks ago, tells me I will no longer be allowed in with my backpack. I got so mad I yelled at the manager and walked out. I am so tired of being told that I'm a criminal because I wear a backpack. That is way too many "so's" for good writing but I was/am so mad.

This afternoon I decided to try another grocery store. It's further away but the bus goes directly there on the weekends. Albertsons doesn't have security guards watching me. They let me in with my backpack. They gave me a roll of quarters, which Frys quit doing over a year ago, which makes it difficult to get quarters to do laundry with. Their produce is nicer. Unfortunately, their prices are a little higher on some things, which is why I've stuck with Frys for so long. I enjoyed my shopping experience there. The disadvantages of Albertsons is that I can't walk there and during the week it will take a couple buses or a bus and a 1/2 mile walk to get home.

I'm seriously considering getting a receipt book for when people tell me I have to leave my backpack at the front counter. I will take out my valuables (phone, palm, money, credit cards, etc.) and then ask the clerk to sign a receipt for my backpack. That should drive the point home that if they can accuse me of being a thief, without a trial, I can assume they would also steal. I'm told they just do it to protect their property. Well, I'll do it to protect my property. Do I have the nerve to do that? It's so confrontational, not one of my strong points.

We had a TABRU meeting this morning and it is disheartening to see so few people after so long. Everyone I talk to is in favor of buses, they just don't want to do anything about it. We are thinking of having a transportation summit and getting together people across the spectrum. It's just so hard for me to gear up to asking people to join us. I'm such a wuss about actually speaking up about what I'm interested in. Part of this is because being ADD what I'm interested in changes, but when I really do care about something, I should learn to speak up.

I pulled everything out of my closet this afternoon and it filled up my living room. I don't have a huge living room but it's a decent small apartment sized living room and my closet is walk in but only just under 5 feet wide and not quite 7 feet long, so how did I get all that stuff in there, and still leave the aisle clear? I didn't throw away much because I'm hoping to lose weight and have lost some, and hope I can eventually wear the clothes I've outgrown. How true the saying "Hope springs eternal".

Still I cleared out some junk and consolidated other stuff so the closet looks nicer only now I'm looking round and seeing other things that I would like to put in the closet, which would make it even more stuffed than before. So much stuff, and I'm low on the stuff owning register, but still, once I buy it, it's hard to get rid of it.

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