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Monday, August 5, 2002

Rain and darkness

It just poured as we got off work today. We could see the sky turning black in the east. Our summer monsoons come from the southeast as they come from the pacific, through Mexico and up to us. I was luckily offered a ride home for myself and my bike. Before we got to my apartment, only three miles, there were branches down. We sat in the truck for a while as it was pouring and there was lightning all around. Finally it quieted down a little and I lugged my bike upstairs, getting soaked on the way. I flipped the light switch and nothing. No electricity. When I finally got through to the electric company there was a message that electricity was out all over Tucson and to give them a call if I still didn't have electricity in four hours. Four hours?

My stove worked, it's gas, and I have a little camping lantern that runs on batteries so I could see and eat so I took the only other thing that worked and called people. What a nice excuse to call. I'm really lazy about calling people. I think of things I want to say to people but I get home and get doing things and just don't call. I'm not a real phone person. I still have a nagging feeling that a long distance call is just not for everyday things, which is silly.

The lights came on just before eight, which was good since it was geting dark. I wanted the lights on so much but felt a little disappointed as all the noise from the a/c, the refrig and such came on and it wasn't just silence and rain. I wasted no time in turning everything on though. The nice thing about camping is that you can't turn everything so you sit there in the quiet and dark and enjoy it.

I slept so well last night my neck had a crick today from not moving. All that dancing and chanting was good for me.

When The Lights Went Out

The quiet crept into the sound of the rain.
It gathered courage from the silence of the machines.
It wrapped around me and just let the rhythm of the drops come through.
The grey light faded, washed into evening by the storm.

The lights came on and I felt a loss,
But turned away and gathered the normal around me.
The quiet went back to the dark and the rain
And I shut myself inside dulled by sound.

Rachel Aschmann 2002.
Contents may not be reproduced without permission.