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Saturday, August 3, 2002

Call me stupid!

This last week I started being so terribly thirsty, like I used to get when I was on the sleeping pills. I couldn't figure it out. This morning I was taking my vitamins and estrogen and, I suppose because I woke up at 7:00 instead of 5:30, I noticed that one of the estrogen pills looked different. They had changed colors on me a couple times but this didnt' look right so I looked at the bottle and it was amitryptyline instead of citrin (actually the generic version but the name is so long). Damn. I've been taking a sleeping pill instead of one of the estrogen pills, the other is estradiol.

No wonder I've been so thirsty and I've had no energy this week. The bottles look the same and I'm so used to my routine in the morning and the pills are the same size that I never even paid attention. I've moved both of my sleeping pills prescriptions to the bathroom cabinet. I only get two prescriptions now, the two estrogen ones, and it never occured to me to check the labels. Somehow, probably while looking for something, I'd switched, moved the pills around in my cupboard. It couldn't be more than a few days since the thirst hits right away with the sleeping pills and I didn't notice it til Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. I have no idea what taking only one of the estrogen does. It's scary to think what might have happened if I had a stronger prescription for something.

Amitryptyline is not a strong sleeping pill but more of a sedative and anti-depressant and I did notice that today I was a bit depressed where I've been really mellow the last few days. Ok, I can choose either dehydration or depression. What a choice. Well, I've moved my sleeping pills to the bathroom cupboard so I won't have a repeat. I should throw them away but after two years of not sleeping it's scary to not have a fall back in case I can't sleep again. Not that the sleeping pills did much good. They usually worked for a couple days and then were less helpful but it's still a security blanket kind of thing.

I rode my bike to work yesterday because I keep not riding it since it might rain by the afternoon, but usually doesn't, so yesterday I decided to take a chance. It was pouring when I got off work and thundering so I rode the bus home and came back today for my bike. It's was nicely dried out and didn't rain again till this afternoon when I was safely inside. That's the problem with the monsoons, you just don't know. It was nice to see water running in the Rillito today.

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