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Wednesday, July 31, 2002


My cat, Darkcloud, meowed her way through last night. I felt like I hadn't gotten any sleep. She was fed, had reasonably clean litter, had water, and I let her sleep with me. All night long DC whined and howled and I don't know why. She seems ok today so I hope I can get some sleep tonight. Of course, she's probably slept most of the day so she doesn't see what the problem is.

I finished reading "River Horse" by William Least Heat-Moon. He and companions cross the US from the atlantic ocean at New York to the pacific ocean at Oregon, by water. With few portages he manages the trip starting on the Hudson, the Erie Canal, Lake Erie, Lake Chautauqua, with a short portage before and after the lake, the Allegheny River, the Ohio River, the Mississippi, the Missouri River, the Jefferson, Beaverhead and Lemhi, though the last three were covered partly on foot and more portage. At this point there was another portage across to the Salmon River, the Snake River and, finally, the Columbia River and down to the pacific. So cool!

Sometimes his narrative puts me off but it's so interesting I keep reading. This is not a trip I have any interest to taking, too many mosquitos and too strenuous, but it was fascinating to read it. I enjoy reading about quests, and this was a quest. The author talks about everything from people he meets to the history of the area they're passing through to his own thoughts as they drift smoothly along or fear for their lives. This was a good book.

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