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Sunday, July 14, 2002


I seem to be doing a lot of reading. It's too hot to go outside much. Other than a quick trip to the farmer's market I stayed inside today. I picked up some great squash. It's summer squash but tastes very good. I also picked up a small eggplant. It seems like all I can get at the supermarket are the large eggplant which are too much eggplant for me.

I finished reading "In Pale Battalions" by Robert Goddard. This story goes from WWI to seventy years later and is told by several people. It's the story of a child who finds out the truth about herself and her parents through bits and pieces told to her by different people. I found it fascinating as it brought in the history of the time including the appalling number of people slaughtered for nothing, the labor unrest and the desertions. Very interesting book.

I also read another Robert Barnard mystery, "A Murder in Mayfair", since I enjoyed the Barnard book I read yesterday. This one has a young politician wondering who his parents really were as he starts following clues after getting a cryptic postcard asking who he thinks he is. The answers go back thirty years to a murder and disappearance. Good book and an enjoyable read.

My downstairs neighbor just came up with the news that every time I run water her sink backs up so I'm looking at a sponge bath this evening. It's a good think I haven't been running around in the heat all day but it's always nice to start out fresh on Mondays. Oh well! I wonder if it's because the nice rain we had today. I guess I'm lucky because I live on the 2nd floor. It doesn't back up this far.

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