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Saturday, July 6, 2002

Walking in the Heat

I woke up at 4:00 this morning and could not get back to sleep so finally I got up and decided to have lunch on the Rillito. I didn't get up that fast and between walking to the Rillito, since the buses aren't running yet, and stopping at the store it was 7:00 by the time I was walking the Riverpark. There were so many people walking and biking that the bicyclists had to weave carefully through the pedestrians. People are good since there are signs and little feet showing that pedestrians keep to the left and everyone else to the right, but it was still like a dance.

I stopped at the Children's Memorial Park for breakfast and watched the people walk and ride by as I ate my eggs and toast (cold by then but still good). When I started walking again it was after 7:30 and all the pedestrians were gone. I walked on down to Flowing Wells then returned on the south side where I was nearly by myself. Rabbits were everywhere and geckos ran in front of me. I don't usually see that many rabbits and don't know if it was the weather or that not many people were around. It was warm but it was a good almost two hour walk.

It was good to finally walk through the cool of the mall which was deserted except for the walkers. They were moving swiftly. I do mallwalking sometimes but it's just not the same as walking outdoors. Malls are always strange when none of the stores are open, except for a place that sells coffee. They know those walkers aren't that awake. They had the restroom open that they had been renovating and it's really nice. It had been getting pretty scruffy. Do men notice restrooms?

Near the transit center I noticed a church group having a car wash. I got the impression they were an evangelical hispanic group. I wondered if they were pentecostal since that is such a growing group among hispanics. I remember my pentecostal days before and while I was married. Ours was a more Jesus freak group but we had occasional meetings with more conservative and middle class groups. I could talk in tongues and it was fake. We were told that was ok to just babble because if you trust in God he will make it mean something. I can understand why people are drawn in because it's addictive. The meetings are an adrenaline rush. For people who have little to look forward to it's wonderful and they get the added benefit of being able to look down on less righteous people. And pentecostals do enjoy being righteous and looking down on other people. Speaking in tongues and snake handling has always been bigger among the disenfranchised. When you're at the bottom it's nice to look down on someone else.

This afternoon I read "The Rose in the Wheel" by S K Rizzolo. It's set in London in 1811 and has a Bow Street Runner, John Chase, a young mother, from a good family, with a disreputable husband, Penelope Wolfe, and a young barrister, Edward Butler, as the detectives. A lady who runs society that helps unfortunate women get a job is murdered. It's a good book and the historical setting seemed to be fairly accurate. At least Penelope paid attention to the proprieties, even if she was an independent woman. Too many historical books have the women acting like modern women can do. There were certainly independent and/or eccentric women in the regency or victorian eras but they still were deeply ingrained with the cultural mores of their times and didn't act like we do.

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