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Sunday, June 30, 2002

Cops and Atheists

"Coasters of the West: Designs of Terror". I read that in the TV Guide and I was puzzled that something that kept rings off the coffee table could be frightening. It took a minute to realize "roller coasters" yeah. It is so disorienting when that happens because you have to adjust your whole mindset to a different directions. This was just a minor adjustment but still felt weird but I have had some that left me feeling strange for a while.

I had a somewhat strangeness this morning. I attended an atheist breakfast which I had heard about through an email. The atheist breakfasts go back many years and I've wandered in and out. Mostly out. The first ones had a nice mix with the usual strange ones such as the far left anarchist but it was a nice way to spend a few hours on Sunday morning. I wandered out for various reasons and when I wandered back in there had been a split and the far left anarchist had gone off with his group leaving the more mainline American Atheist and/or libertarian types in the group that I connected with again.

This time they were mostly new. A couple faces were vaguely familiar but the common denominator was that they mainly seemed to fall on the libertarian end of the spectrum. I understand another split had occurred in the not too recent past which the one person who knew the details refused to even discuss. I agree with the atheism but it seems like groups such as these attract people whose main goal in life is to battle against the world and recount tales of conspiracies.

I am as upset as anyone when one of our civil liberties is infringed upon, not to mention when they are being trampled on wholesale as the current government seems to be trying. I'm sure they mean well but the problem is not whether "they" won't use the privileges they want wrongly but that someone will and with the "best intentions". So I don't like civil liberties being trampled but I don't think it's a conspiracy against atheists or anyone else. One thing that I was told was that "they" were trying to get an amendment to the constitution that explicitly says this is a christian nation. First of all the chances of getting that through congress is virtually nill but getting it passed by all the states has even less of a chance. I then found out that this had been told by a lady that used to attent something atheist and the lady who told me is sure the first lady was a christian mole in the atheist group and was a little off mentally anyway. But the lady who told me was sure it was true. Right.

Still I enjoy these because I always pick up stuff I would never hear in the lunchroom at work, or any place else that's "normal". It's also why I listen to both Rush Limbaugh and Democracy Now. The amount of stuff that is not published in mainline arenas is voluminous and I couldn't go through all of it anyway. However, getting new views on issues always shakes up my worldview a bit and I enjoy that. I also enjoy the people since I'm a bit weird myself and it's rough being an atheist sometimes.

I watched The District last and Law & Order last night and L&O again today. No matter how much comes out about corruption in police departments, I still enjoy cop shows. I know there's corruption and I know the shows aren't all that realistic but I just want to believe that most of them are still ok. I know that if I need them I want to believe they will be like the TV shows and I know they usually are. I just worry that if I don't fit their little categories they'll treat me badly because this is what you hear about all the time. I love watching the shows though, even the real life shows, which are also a bit unrealistic, I'm sure, since the officers know the cameras are watching.

I read a real tear jerker today. It's "Letters to Emily" by Camron Wright. A grandfather leaves letters with clues in them to his granddaughter that tell her about his life as well as bring her parents and family together again. It's so sweet but nicely done.

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