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Saturday, June 29, 2002

Heat and food

Hot, hot, hot today. I ran around town but did it by bus since I couldn't face riding around on my bike. It was still hot while I waited for buses but not too bad. I spent about an hour walking around the mall, which was great. Nothing like a corporate, plastic, consumerist, air-conditoned mall. Yeah!

I've been trying to eat more meat since I seem to feel better with plenty of protein but I am so tired of eating all that meat. I've looked at so many different ways of eating lately and the common denominator is that they all involve lots of fresh fruits and vegetables with good oils like olive oil, walnuts or avocados. That's the way I like to eat but when I eat more vegetarian I start eating so much bread (which is so good). If I could only stick to less bread and more fruits and vegetables with enough protein to keep me going.

I just wanted to sit in front of the fan when I got home so I did and read a nice cozy mystery while I was doing so. It was "Murder Carries a Torch" by Anne George.The sane, retired English teacher, happily married Patricia Ann and the many times married and looking for the next even though she's in her 60s Mary Alice are asked by their cousin Pukey Lukey to help him find his wife who's run off with a snake handler. As always, it's a nice light mystery done with humor and a delightful look at what southern ladies are really like.

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