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Thursday, June 27, 2002


I learned of a few more people today that have been laid off. So sad! It's not good for anyone but it's especially bad for a few of them since they are their sole support. Most of them were reasonable choices and a few of them I don't know enough about what they do to say. I know it was hard for management, much as some people would find this hard to believe.

The mantra now is to cross train so that you can be more agile as things change and they are changing so fast. There is a lot of angst and nervousness going on but it's the same all over campus and when you add to this the usual crush for year end as people are trying to get their charges into the right account, etc., things are a little tense. But we'll make it.

We went to see the USA building. No, that is not a way to show our patriotism. We are in the USB (University Services Building) and this is our annex, even though it is nearly three miles away. It was full of asbestos that was 'abated'. I understand that that means they covered it up. They have nice offices though. The sixth floor (the fomer executive floor I assume) has what must be twelve foot ceilings. They make the rooms seem so much more spacious than they already are. We have better places to eat, though, and I like being closer to campus.

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