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Monday, June 24, 2002


I read "White Crow" by Cynthia Peale. Caroline Ames attends a seance hoping to contact her mother but ends ups holding the hand of a dead man. Soon she and her brother, Addington Ames, are deep in a mystery that comes too close to home and puts their lives in danger. Set against the highly regulated activities of the upper crust in Boston at the end of the 19th century this is a very interesting mystery. I thought the restraints on Caroline, especially, made her a very interesting character. They had to have servants since they couldn't do anything themselves. Makes me shudder.

It was so hot riding home today. It seemed to burn through everything. It was 108 degrees but seemed much hotter than other days recently that were just as hot or more.

I did a little redecorating yesterday, mainly throwing throws over a few chairs but I like it. It adds a little color to the room. I'll never be a really good decorator but I do like color.

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