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Saturday, June 22, 2002

Blood and heat

I'm not eating as low carb as I was, partly because I missed too many good foods, partly because I've never been comfortable with any diet that says it is a cure all, and partly because I was always hungry too soon. I still eat a higher level of protein than I used to and notice that my feet don't hurt like they used to. For years I've gotten up in the morning and my feet hurt so bad for a few minutes. Now they don't. It just stopped. So wonderful.

I donated blood today and was, once again allowed to since my iron has stayed high enough. Another benefit, I think, of getting enough protein. My blood pressure is only 130/80 which is good, despite the fact that I'm eating plenty of meat. I'm also eating a lot of fruit and vegetables. One advantage of donating blood is having a regular check on my health. The nurse did ask if it was already hot as my temperature was a couple degrees above normal. Since I had come on the bus and had to wait for a transfer not long before I wasn't surprised. We're still above 100 degrees.

Riding the Bus On a Summer Day

The bench is empty.
We hold back clinging to the shade.
The smell of the pines fills the air.
Warmed already by the morning sun.
We sit away from the sun.
Does the bus tilt?
The bus turns and the sun finds us.
People hurry on,
Longing for cold.
We look out at the glare
Snug in our comfort.

A guy got on dressed like a tiger. He had on an orange cap and yellow t shirt and very baggy velour pants in a tiger pattern. To top it off he had one of those cute little tiger backpacks that school children wear. Everyone was very polite and didn't stare too much but when he got off there were a lot of suppressed giggles.

I finished reading "Coyote Wind" by Peter Bowen. It's set in Montana and the main character is Gabriel Du Pre, a metis (descendent of Native Americans and French fur traders) who's job is brand inspector but ends up solving a mystery that lands a bit too close to home. Bowen does a good job of telling the history of the metis while not straying from the story. It's a very good mystery and an interesting detective.

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